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WAI Logo Items

Code NameImagePrice Availability
10001 WAI New Lapel Pin $6.00 In Stock
10002 WAI Classic Lapel Pin $6.00 In Stock
10007 Silver Pull-Apart Elements Key Tag w/WAI Logo $6.75 In Stock
30090 Ladies' Sleeveless Polo Shirt $24.95 In Stock
31108 Toddler Ruffle T-Shirt $15.00 In Stock
97001 WAI Static Cling Decal $2.00 In Stock
97005 WAI Sticker, Large $3.00 In Stock
99502 Sterling Silver WAI Pin with 14K Lettering $60.00 In Stock
99520 WAI 20th Anniversary Pendant $74.95 In Stock
30133 Ladies Microfleece Vest $33.00 In Stock
30096 Women's Short-Sleeve Polo $35.00 In Stock
30073 WAI Ladies Washed Cap $15.00 In Stock
30097 Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Blouse $37.00 In Stock
30098 Ladies Superpro Oxford Shirt $38.00 In Stock
30116 WAI Conference T-Shirt $15.00 In Stock
30167 Ladies Barrier Jacket $98.00 In Stock
85000 Flight Bag PLC Pro $179.00 In Stock
30076 Hyper Cool Hat $18.00 In Stock
30079 Folding Umbrella $10.00 In Stock
50016 WAI World Travel Wallet $15.00 In Stock