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The Elimination Game
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Code: 20030
Price: $10.00
Shipping Weight: 1.35 pounds
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An unknown and treacherous threat exists within the U.S. Army. When Crystal Lambert is killed in a fiery helicopter crash in West Germany, her ex-husband embarks on a worldwide vendetta to swiftly eradicate and punish whoever is responsible. Tina Loyola also refuses to accept that her sister's tragic death resulted from pilot error and persists in investigating so thoroughly that her own life is suddenly endangered. Student training records at the Army's flight school falsely indicate that an unacceptable number of women have graduated without merit, forcing Iris Tucker to use her wits and subterfuge to prove what she knows is the truth. Deadly chopper crashes with all-female crews keep occurring in international locations. Will the Army realize-before it's too late-that internal sabotage is at work?

Softcover, 425 pages